Sales & Services Managers

In an industry that is known for high turnover, sales and services managers want to know how a career assessment test can help them select the right people the first time—and then help them grow and develop into successful long-term employees.

Here are some questions we often get from sales and services managers:

1. Will your assessments help me achieve my sales objectives?

We offer assessments that specifically created to help organisations select the right sales and service people and develop them to their full potential. This enables you to win new business and to retain and grow existing business.

For example, the Profiles Sales Assessment™ (PSA) allows you to evaluate an individual based on job performance in seven sales behaviours: prospecting, call reluctance, closing the sale, self-starting, working with a team, building and maintaining relationships and compensation preference. The PSA has a powerful job matching feature that enables you identify the key attributes of your top performers to establish a criteria for comparing job applicants. Knowing the characteristics of each employee helps you hire the right sales people and manage their strengths and weaknesses to improve productivity and sales. For more information on the Profiles Sales Assessment, click here.

2. How will assessing employees help me reduce turnover?

Turnover of sales and service reps is costly and disruptive. Our assessments first help you select employees who are a good fit with the sales or service job you are trying to fill. If they are a good fit, they typically have a much better chance of being successful and satisfied, and will want to stay with your organisation for a long time. Our assessments also identify areas where employees need to be developed and coached, and provide insight to help the employee build good, productive relationships with their boss and coworkers. There are many ways in which our products and services help reduce turnover in your organisation.

3. How will your assessments help me select high performing sales reps?

Our sales and service assessments have a unique job match feature that allows you to identify current high performers for your company and assess job candidates based upon the attributes of these high performers. The job match feature enables you to hire sales and service reps who share similar traits to your high performers. The information provided by our assessments will help you identify the type of people you want on your sales team.

4. How will your assessments help me select outstanding customer service reps?

Profiles International has an assessment that specifically identifies a candidate’s capacity for customer service. The Customer Service Profile™ can be used for selecting, on-boarding and managing customer service employees. The results of our assessments will help determine whether or not a candidate would be a good fit as a customer service representative in your company.

5. How long does it take for a candidate to complete an assessment?

Our most comprehensive sales and service assessments usually take candidates about 60 – 90 minutes to complete, and others can be as short as 15 minutes to finish. We do not put a time limit on completing any of our assessments. Our research found that putting a time limit on an assessment complicates administration, is not appropriate for most jobs, and is not necessary for effective results.

6. Do we need to work with HR, or can we do this on our own?

Many of our clients use their HR departments to help with the administration of the assessment process, especially if the assessments are used for hiring. However, this is not essential because our system is easy to use and the assessment reports are written in business language and easy to understand. You do not require an advanced degree or advanced training to effectively apply their results to your organisation.

7. Is the assessment only valid for hiring?

No. Some of our assessments provide you with information that will help you the most in the hiring process, but we also have assessments that measure employee fit and employee engagement. We want to help you select the right people and develop them to be top performers in your organisation. Our assessments can be used for many different purposes in an organisation and we recommend that you take full advantage of the reports and job matching capabilities.

8. How does the assessment support training and development?

Our assessments can help your managers gain a deeper and more objective understanding of their employees. This can include the employees’ typical behaviours, thinking and learning styles, and communication preferences, as well as current strengths and weaknesses. This helps the manger better diagnose the employee’s developmental needs and better enable managers to motivate and coach the employee. Our assessment reports provide managers with clear recommendations to maximise the employee’s contribution to the organisation.

9. Can the candidate take the assessment virtually?

Yes. Profiles International SEA will set up your system so that you will send the candidate a link to the online assessment where they can begin the assessment at a convenient time for them. There are no special instructions or proctoring that you need to provide for the candidate to take the assessment. After he or she has completed the assessment, the reports are immediately available for you at the online assessment centre.

10. Can you customise the assessment by job and location?

Yes. For example, the traits of a successful new business development executive in the North will probably be very different from a strategic account manager in the South. Our assessments enable you to develop a performance model of an ideal candidate for the role you are trying to fill, and assess job candidates based upon the attributes of these high performers.

11. How do we get started?

One simple phone call will get you in touch with one of our consultants who can help answer any additional questions about any of our services or products. Call us at (84-8)38236900 (ext: 127) or email to support@profiles-sea.com.