GR8 Big5 Behaviours

"GR8 Big5 Behaviours" is a powerful tool for employees' performance prediction you can use in talent selection, induction, retention and development.

Duration: 15 minsApproximate duration to complete this assessment
Format: Self-assessmentA set of psychometric questions with predefined answers

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Gr8 Big5 Behaviour

GR8 Big5 Behaviours Overview

GR8 Big5 Behaviours

Predicting and evaluating an employee's behaviours and performance at work is necessary for human resource managers when it comes to selection, retention and development. Regarding recruitment, understanding how a candidate tends to behave, act in certain situations helps you gauge the extent to which they are a fit for your organisation's culture. Meanwhile, knowing how current employees are conducting themselves give you insights into how to optimise, leverage their power, thus driving organisational growth. Since behavioural tendencies root in personality traits, understanding the latter leads to the comprehension of the later, which in turns serve as an input into employee performance prediction and evaluation.

As a foundation of analysing human behaviour, GR8 Big5 Behaviours focuses on exploring the five prominent personality dimensions most conducive to high performance, namely conscientiousness, agreeableness, emotional stability, openness to experiences and extraversion. Underlying the most basic nature of human behaviour, these characteristics are tested against a comprehensive set of questions, whose answers facilitate the prediction of future behaviours and performance. Best accompanied by GR8 Cognitive and GR8 Interests, GR8 Big5 Behaviours offers the most advanced job performance prediction solution currently available.

The assessment comprises a series of questions which your employee will rate themselves against statements built around specific dimensions. The tool is user-friendly, easy to navigate and process. At the completion of the assessment, an in-depth analysis of the result will give you valuable insights into the employee's behavioural tendencies.

GR8 Big5 Behaviours assessment is great for:

  • Selection, recruitment, screening and interview
  • Development and coaching
  • Employee onboarding and induction
  • Job Match
  • Engagement & Retention
  • Increasing wellbeing at work
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This dimension refers to how organised, careful and diligent an employee is. Conscientious employees desire to perform the task well, take serious approach to work and obligations.


A person with a high level of agreeableness is usually friendly, warm and cooperative. This trait manifests itself in behavioural tendencies of acting in a kind, trusting, empathetic manner or getting along well with others people.

Emotional Stability

Also known as neuroticism, this dimension refers to how likely a person experiences negative affects such as anxiety, self-doubt, irritability or emotional instability. In the workplace, this manifests in the employee's ability to cope with stress, pressure and manage their own emotions that could get in the way and impact their relationship or performance.

Openness to experience

Another focus of GR8 Big5 Behaviours is the openness to experience. This simply means how willing is an employee to try new things or do they prefer to take a routinised, practical versus an imaginative or spontaneous approach to work. While sometimes and some job positions require a mind that is curious and interested in new things, a more grounded, routinised way of working is just as preferred.


The final focus of GR8 Big5 Behaviours is the tendency in which an employee is outgoing versus reserved at work. People scoring high in this dimension tend to show energetic, sociable behaviours whereas scoring low would usually underpins solitary behaviours.

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