GR8 Customer Service

GR8 Customer Service - the ultimate assessment tool you would ever need to identify employees with outstanding service-orientation, building and developing a high-quality talent pool for your organisation's growth.

Time: 45 minutes The average duration of the assessment.
Self-assessment TypeA person will rate himself/herself.

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GR8 Customer Service

In the current service dominated world, delivering high quality customer service is admittedly crucial to business survival and success.  This directly results in customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy which in turn benefits the company and its reputation. Without a strong, engaged and motivated customer service team, it causes a domino effect. The service quality suffers, customers leave and don't return, business image declines, employees leave, and ultimately financial performance shrinks. This demands for human resource managers to select the right candidate and provide proper training and development so that the team remains strong.

The process is however not an easy task as traditional selection and performance appraisal method tend to based on subjective judgement rather than objective insights behind human behaviours and thinking. In other words, businesses often lack in tools to help them obtain deep insight into employee's customer service orientation. You want to be certain that someone is a perfect fit for your organisation and will perform their roles and responsibilities well. This is particularly important in sales and customer services as this is where most of the interaction between your employees and customers occurs.

Our GR8 Customer Service assessment provides impeccable solutions to that problem. By testing your candidates and  employees against numerous key performance predictors such as people skills, adaptability, flexibility and responsibility, the assessment helps you gauge your candidates' potential performance and current employees' room for improvement and recognition. Such attributes are vital when delivering customer service and can make a substantial difference in the way customers, public and other stakeholders see your business.

The in-depth analysis aims to identify individuals with the behavioural characteristics that are best fit to provide top quality service, to both your internal and external clients. This means that you will be prepared for any situation. Consequently, this will lead to more trust in your employees and an easier recruiting process which means less stress for you in the short and long term.

GR8 Customer Service is recommended for:

  • Selection, recruitment and interview
  • Job Match
  • Employee development
  • Coaching and personal development
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GR8 Customer Service assessment focus on an extensive range of performance predictors related to employee's behaviours, cognitive thinking and personal interest, which help benchmark them against the company's customer service standard and requirement.

TRG also provides an assessment library with hundreds of dimensions that can be leveraged in creating a custom skills-based assessment that supports your organisation’s specific competencies and unique vision. Whatever the challenge you are facing, we aim to provide a great experience to help you in the best way we can.

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