GR8 Customised

Provides a unique assessment for your company; You can create one through  a simple choose-and-pick exercise in our library of 100+ dimensions. The GR8PI platform is so extensive that you will be impressed by the number of aspects we can measure.

Time: 15 - 45 minutes The average duration of the assessment.
Self-assessment TypeA person will rate himself/herself.

Included in the following:

Why choose GR8 Customized?

gr8 customized

GR8 Customised can prove to be an effective tool for your business.

Firstly, customisation helps you to save time and effort when browsing through irrelevant data. the solution is also cost-effective; you only pay for what you need.

Secondly, your candidates can’t “learn” the answers for the assessment you use since the assessment can change based on the position they apply for, the current needs of the company, and the external environment.

Thirdly, competitors can’t “copy” your way of assessing candidates, employees and HiPos simply because the assessments are custom-built for your organisation.

Every company is unique. What works best for a startup may not be as effective in an international environment. Even within one company, different stages of growth mean different needs. Understanding this, TRG Talent offers you GR8 Customised – a 100% customisable solution to addresses all your company’s specific requirements and concerns.

How do I start?

Do you know that we can predict whether a person prefers to work in a competitive environment by a combining of 4 dimensions – Ambition, Curiosity and Self Awareness, Flexibility and Results Oriented? Or do you know that we can tell how a person will manage their time by combining Conscientiousness, Discipline, Flexibility and Interests?

Dimensions are powerful tools that can measure specific traits in individuals. With the right combination, they can be even more powerful in predicting more complex behaviours and tendencies.

Try the assessment

The best way to discover what TRG Talent can do for your organisation is to see us in action.

gr8 customized


GR8 Standard

If you don’t know how to begin the process of customising your assessment, you can start by looking at our pre-set solutions and tell us how you want to modify them or which tendencies you wish to predict.

If you want to create your own assessment from scratch, take a look at our extensive library with 100+ dimensions measuring 100+ traits and choose what is right for you. Contact us and our team of experienced consultants will help you to select the right dimensions and refine your custom assessment.

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