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GR8 Sales - the ultimate assessment tool you would ever need to detect sales-productive employees, building and developing a high-quality salesforce for your organisation's growth.

Time: 15 minutes The average duration of the assessment.
Self-assessment TypeA person will rate himself/herself.

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GR8 Sales

Assessment Overview

GR8 Sales

A skilled and diligent sales team is no doubt the key driving force behind many businesses' success. Even if the business is not involved in commercial activities, the idea of being able to sell an idea or a belief to customers, clients are just as vital. Thus, in nowadays' modern business landscape, cultivating sales and customer services skills within your employees is of a fruitful investment.

Despite that importance, building a sales team of highly capable people and retaining them is not an easy task as there are multiple latent characteristics behind a talented salesperson. Traditional observation or subjective judgement in the interview do not ensure a correct selection of applicants with selling calibre, especially those with high potentials but no or little experiences. Thus, businesses need tools to detect candidates with great sales potentials when recruiting and further identify strength, weaknesses of current employees to design training, development activities accordingly.

The GR8 Sales assessment focuses on discerning the personality, cognitive, affective and behavioural traits that best predict sales performance of an employee via a rich set of question. From clients' need anticipation to proactive approaching to persevering in closing a deal, all the dimensions featured in the assessment allow you to gather insights for an improved sales force.

GR8 Sales is recommended for:

  • Screening, interview and candidate selection
  • Maintenance and increase in the number of clients
  • Identification of sales potential
  • Sales performance improvement
  • Development of sales skills and techniques
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Entrepreneurship | Clients’ needs understanding and anticipation | Adaptability | Proactivity | Sales Process Management | Sales closure ability | Rapport building | Relationship management

GR8 Sales assessment covers a widely inclusive range of personality traits, cognitive and emotional abilities, skills to support data-informed decision-making when it comes to selecting and retaining employees with sales capabilities. Also, Gr8 Suite involves an impressive assessment library with various dimensions that can be leveraged in creating a custom skills-based assessment that supports your organisation’s specific competencies and unique vision.

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