GR8 Standard

GR8 Standard is a range of pre-selected assessments which have been effectively combined to address specific common issues. It consists of easy-to-use tools and processes to assess, select, manage and develop your employees.

Time: 15 - 45 minutes The average duration of the assessments.
Self-assessment TypeA person will rate himself/herself.

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GR8 full spectrum


Empowered by Great People Inside

An underrated aspect of matching candidates with potential jobs lies in identifying the ones that share the same principles as you. The assessment contains dimensions such as sincerity, patience and responsibility, which can be customised to match your company’s own system of values. Then, you can use these attributes to find and select the candidates who best match your company’s core values.

Finding a perfect fit for a job role is crucial and effect the overall business in a long run. With thousands of applicants applying for jobs each year, it becomes important to recognise and choose the talent that fits the job role and the overall values of the organisation.

GR8 Standard is an excellent solution. GR8 Standard provides a list of pre-selected assessments that are effectively grouped to address specific common issues faced by your business. Many companies today face a point of realisation when they realise that their employees were not the correct fit for their roles. In such a situation, companies often give cash to their employees to quit, if they feel that they are not the correct fit for the job. However, this solves only a part of the problem. Finding a perfect fit for the role can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Talent is everywhere and our duty is to find the talent that works and fits best for our business.

In order to find a perfect talent for the role, hiring managers is required to look beyond just the technical qualifications. Employees who align with the organisational goals go a long way in achieving greater productivity and team harmony. Employers who realise the importance of the same are also able to bring a bunch of positive hires into the business!

Check out the GR8 Standard assessments below to make the most out of your business.

gr8 standard

GR8 Standard Pre-selected Assessments

GR8 Full Spectrum

GR8 Full Spectrum provides a total-person view of a candidate/employee’s potential, which assesses everything from behavioral characteristics to cognitive ability and occupational interests.

GR8 Cognitive

Giving recruiters key indicators to predict candidates' capability and comfortability in working with numbers, words and reasoning according to specific job's requirements.

GR8 Big5 Behaviors

GR8 Big5 Behaviors not only helps organizations place employees effectively but also explores the personalities that are conducive to high performance.

GR8 Values

Provides you an overview look at your employees’ core values, which can then be compared with your company's cultural attributes and values to determine the fit.

GR8 Interests

Enabling employers to measure their employees’ interests in 6 main aspects of professional work: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, conventional and enterprising.

GR8 Sales

GR8 Sales offers you the ability to choose the right salespeople by understanding their working and selling styles.

Customer Service

Retain loyal customers by providing you with the ability to assess your customer service candidates and predict their success based on distinct customer service behaviors.

GR8 Wellbeing

Helps you identify your employees’ current wellbeing, along with how to increase their happiness and satisfaction level to boost morale and commitment in the company.

GR8 Managers

GR8 Manager is a great choice for you to get more information about effectiveness and behavioral traits of a manager when leading others.

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