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Time: 15 minutes The average duration of the assessment.
Self-assessment TypeA person will rate himself/herself.

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Assessment Overview

GR8 Wellbeing

The idea that a person should enjoy a healthy work-life balance is not a new concept. Today, it is a very common practice that companies are now striving to promote their employees' wellbeing, which directly and positively influences their work performance and consequently productivity and business performance. Research has shown that employees perform better when they feel appreciated and supported by the company. This in turn improves their wellbeing and helps with employee retention, as they feel more committed to the company’s goals and objectives.

Due to our current situation, this is more important than ever as many of us are required to work from home. This brings a new set of challenges, for both the individual and the company to help their employees to try to stay motivated and focused.

For the individual, it is about realising the issue and asking for the appropriate solutions.

For managers, it is vital that you fully understand what mental health is so that they can raise awareness and create an environment where employees feel comfortable speaking about it. It is essential to timely determine, predict or gauge their employee's emotional wellbeing and ability to maintain balance, manage stress and relationship. As well as providing the resources and support to their employees when necessary. There are many latent factors undermining a person’s mental wellbeing and often they are not tangible until something bad happens.

Based on the newest theories in the field of industrial and organisational psychology, GR8 Wellbeing assessment can be used to identify your employees’ overall state of mind and emotion, thereby increasing job satisfaction and employee retention. As well as keeping workplace depression at bay. This will provide an insight into the steps to take in order to arrange for the best solutions for your employees to create an overall satisfactory state around the workplace.

GR8 Wellbeing is recommended for:

  • Generating job satisfaction
  • Improving motivation and engagement
  • Organisational health and happiness
  • Boosting employee retention
  • Creating and promoting a powerful employer brand
  • Driving high-performance
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Positive Thinking | Stress and Resilience | Energy and Vitality | Curiosity and Self-awareness | Networking and Connection

GR8 Wellbeing looks at bringing you insightful and relevant information about wellbeing at your current workplace. The main focus is to identify specific behavioural tendencies such as optimistic thinking, stress managing, perseverance, attention seeking, self awareness and so on. These factors are amongst those proven to best predict a person's tendency to achieve wellness and resilience. From this, you will be able to identify what solutions and support you can make available for your employees to raise their wellbeing levels. As well as, for recruiting employees and employee retention.

In addition, TRG provides an extensive assessment library with hundreds of dimensions that can be leveraged in creating a custom skills-based assessment that supports your organisation’s specific competencies and unique vision. Whatever the challenge you are facing, we aim to provide a great experience to help you in the best way we can.

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