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CheckPoint 360°

CheckPoint 360°™ is designed for effectively developing managers with a combination of feedback from subordinates, peers, direct bosses and clients/partners. It helps managers identify how far they have achieved in becoming a charismatic leader, and whether their efforts are prioritized and distributed in the most beneficial ways.

Included in the following:

Assessment Overview

Employees are the most valuable asset of any organization and they need a good leader to develop and lead them to work in the right direction. Hence, the need for evaluating and developing managers has increased recently alongside the “360-degree-feedback” concept. This concept is highly recommended in organizations due to its efficient implementation and objective results.

Checkpoint 360°™ leverages on the concept of “360-degree-feedback” and is incorporated by 8 Universal Leadership Competencies, which consisted of 70 Behaviors that a leader should effectively express. Participants in the survey are asked to give feedback to a manager based on these behaviors, and the results will give you a comprehensive look of the manager’s strengths, weaknesses and suggested development directions.

Besides, your organization will also benefit from an analysis of your management team, compared with a global standard of charismatic leaders. This information will help you set up more relevant organizational training and development plans.

Assessment Scales

Listens To Others | Processes Information | Communicates Effectively | Instills Trust | Provides Direction | Delegates Responsibilities | Adapts To Circumstances | Thinks Creatively | Builds Personal Relationships | Facilitates Team Success | Works Efficiently | Work Competently | Takes Action | Achieves Results | Cultivates Individual Talent | Motivates Successfully | Displays Commitment | Seeks Improvement |

CheckPoint 360°™ is recommended for

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Available Reports

CheckPoint 360°™ provides the following reports for your full use. Click the image to enlarge.

Individual Report
Describes the manager’s skills and competencies, and an individual development guide. Management Report
Describes the individual’s skills and competencies as well as gives considerations about coaching and management. Comparison Report
Provides a comparison between the current and previous survey results. Executive Report
Provides a summary of all individual reports, useful for organisational leaders.
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More about CheckPoint 360°

The concept of “360-degree feedback” is a trend these days due to its high efficiency and objectivity in evaluating and developing a top manager in any sized company. CheckPoint 360° leverages on this concept and develops a standard to assess on: Charismatic Leadership. This term is incorporated by the 8 Universal Leadership Competencies, which are divided into 70 Behaviours.

The survey participants are going to give feedbacks to “Oneself” based on these behaviors and the survey result identifies this self’s strengths, weaknesses as well as their location on the way to being a charismatic leader.

Brochure highlights:

  • Useful for leadership development, strategic workforce and succession planning.
  • Highly confidential survey process. The participants do not know the others’ answers and apart from Boss and Self, all participants remain anonymous in the report.
  • Survey criteria are universal and have been adopted by many organizations around the world.
  • 5 visual reports whose features are to serve different levels of audiences: Self, Bosses and C-level.

All this and much more…

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