GR8 Managers

Gr8 Managers - the ultimate assessment tool you would ever need to identify employees with competent leadership potential, thereby supporting selection, development & talent management decisions.

Time: 35 minutes The average duration of the assessment.
Self-assessment TypeA person will rate himself/herself.

Included in the following:

employee assessment reports

Assessment Overview

GR8 Managers

Entrusted with a high level of responsibility and decision making that has substantial organisational implications, managers will greatly benefit from a thorough assessment of their personality traits and skills. In other words, as the managers become more self-aware of their strengths and weaknesses, they manage self and others in a more efficient and effective manner, which then influences the workplace climate, employee relationship and eventually organisational performance.

A higher level of self-awareness can be obtained via comprehensive psychometric testing where numerous leadership and manager attributes such as emotional intelligence, vision and goal-setting are benchmarked against. GR8 Managers tool focuses on identifying management potential from several different perspectives. These include the three main managerial qualities of fairness, foresight and inspiration, as well as the ability to work with generation diversity and in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) environment.

The assessment report and result analysis will help managers understand themself in a better way while seeing through the potentials in other employees to optimise them for the organisational growth.

GR8 Managers is recommended for:

  • Identifying the performance potential
  • Selection and Job Match
  • Identifying leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Development of management competencies, skills and behaviours
  • Employee retention
  • Succession planning programs
  • Coaching and personal development
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Behaviour traits:

VUCA Approach | Managing Generations | Engagement | Assertiveness | Initiative | Vision | Strategy | Leadership

Cognitive traits:

Numeracy skills | Literacy skills | Analytical and Critical thinking | Reasoning | Problem solving

Primary focuses of GR8 Managers assessment are Behaviour and Cognitive characteristics. In terms of behavioural testing, dimensions include the ability to navigate through uncertainty, inter-relationship management, assertiveness and so on. The cognitive criteria utilised included, not limitedly though, logical reasoning, working with words and numbers as well as problem-solving. TRG also provides a comprehensive assessment library with hundreds of dimensions that can be leveraged in creating a custom skills-based assessment that supports your company’s specific competencies and unique vision.

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