GR8 Remote Teams

For development, onboarding, high performance, conflict resolution and motivation

Time: 15 minutes The average duration of the assessment.
Self-assessment TypeA person will rate himself/herself.

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For a total-person view


For development, onboarding, high performance, conflict resolution and motivation

Maintaining strong, productive relationships with clients and collaborators can be difficult when talking about remote work. Nevertheless, these days it has become the new normal to have work relationships – sometimes over the course of several years – with people we have never met in person.

The members of a virtual team working remotely are faced with new challenges both at an organizational and a personal level. The dynamics of interpersonal relationships depend on the personalities of people, not their professional skills (‘hard skills’) or expertise. You can form a team made up of the most talented individuals, but this will not guarantee their performance, when they are forced to work together, particularly remotely. The GR8 Remote Teams tool provides important information with regard to the efficiency of a team when working remotely, the way members interact with one another and, at the same time, presents the optimal conditions in which that team can reach the highest level of productivity. The assessment is aimed at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of any team and provides development suggestions.

GR8 Remote Teams is recommended for:

  • Creation and development of teams
  • Identifying the match between employees
  • Solving conflict
  • Data Integration
  • Employee motivation
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Result-orientation | Cooperation | Connection to others | Flexibility | Tolerance | Respect | Agreeableness | Stress and Resilience | Fairness

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