GR8 Sales

For the selection process.

Time: 15 minutes The average duration of the assessment.
Self-assessment TypeA person will rate himself/herself.

Included in the following:

candidate assessment reports

Assessment Overview

pre-employment assessments software for sales

One of the pre-selected assessments which has been effectively grouped to address specific common issues. It consists of easy-to-use tools and processes to assess, select, manage and develop your employees.

The sales department is the driving force behind many businesses, but there are plenty of factors that go into being a good salesperson. The GR8 Sales assessment focuses on identifying the personality traits and skills that best predict high performance in this department. We understand the needs of having a pro-active attitude, of all the dimensions explored here allow you to reap the results of an improved sales force.

GR8 Sales is recommended for:

  • Screening, interview and candidate selection
  • Maintenance and increase in the number of clients
  • Identification of sales potential
  • Sales performance improvement
  • Development of sales skills and techniques
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Entrepreneurial approach | Understanding clients’ needs | Create adaptive solutions | Active sales | Sales Process Management | Closing sales | Building Client Relationships

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