GR8 Standard

Pre-selected assessments which have been effectively combined to address specific common issues. It consists of easy-to-use tools and processes to assess, select, manage, develop your employees.

Time: 15 - 45 minutes The average duration of the assessments.
Self-assessment TypeA person will rate himself/herself.

Included in the following:

GR8 Standard Pre-selected Assessments

GR8 Full Spectrum

GR8 Full Spectrum provides a total-person view of a candidate/employee’s potential, which assesses everything from behavioral characteristics to cognitive ability and occupational interests.

GR8 Cognitive

Giving recruiters key indicators to predict candidates' capability and comfortability in working with numbers, words and reasoning according to specific job's requirements.

GR8 Big5 Behaviors

GR8 Big5 Behaviors not only helps organizations place employees effectively but also explores the personalities that are conducive to high performance.

GR8 Values

Provides you an overview look at your employees’ core values, which can then be compared with your company's cultural attributes and values to determine the fit.

GR8 Interests

Enabling employers to measure their employees’ interests in 6 main aspects of professional work: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, conventional and enterprising.

GR8 Sales

GR8 Sales offers you the ability to choose the right salespeople by understanding their working and selling styles.

Customer Service

Retain loyal customers by providing you with the ability to assess your customer service candidates and predict their success based on distinct customer service behaviors.

GR8 Wellbeing

Helps you identify your employees’ current wellbeing, along with how to increase their happiness and satisfaction level to boost morale and commitment in the company.

GR8 Managers

GR8 Manager is a great choice for you to get more information about effectiveness and behavioral traits of a manager when leading others.

Talent Management Solutions Suite

Experience a fully customised solution for Recruitment, Leadership, Training & Development, Sales & Customer Service, Retention & Engagement and more...