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Profiles Performance Indicator™

Profiles Performance Indicator™ is a personality assessment highlighting the impact of an individual's personality on job performance and collaboration in the team. Its result aims to help managers better motivate their employees, support their development and improve team communication as well as predicting and minimizing team conflict.

Self-assessment TypeA person completes this type of assessment by rating himself/herself.

Included in the following:

Assessment Overview

Either in a small-scaled team, a department or even an entire organization, the members’ personality has a considerable impact on the overall performance and team harmony. This leads to the need for initiatives to help understand the individuals in a team and gives suggestion on how to manage a team effectively. There have been plenty of assessment tools developed to address this demand, one of which is based on the popular DISC theory shall benefit the organizations in terms of employee development and team building: Profiles Performance Indicator™.

Profiles Performance Indicator™ describes an individual’s personality with regards to five different scales, four of which are deployed from the DISC theory while the Motivational Intensity scale is developed exclusively for this tool, indicating the motivation source for the individual.

Profiles Performance Indicator™ is highly recommended for usage in a team to analyze in details critical elements that affect a team’s performance and relationship in the team. Moreover, it portraits the match within team members and the relative comparison with the team leader, from which it gives a suggestion for improvement.

Assessment Scales

Productivity | Quality of Work | Initiative | Teamwork | Problem Solving | Adapting to Change | Reaction to Stress and Conflict | Motivational Intensity | Control | Social Influence | Patience | Precision | Ambition | Positive Expectancy | Composure | Analytical | Results Orientation | Expressiveness | Team Player | Quality Orientation

Profiles Performance Indicator™ is recommended for

Productivity and work quality improvement
Talent identification, management and development
Improvement of communication level
Reduction of personnel turnover
Development of management competencies, skills and behaviours
Identification and levelling of differences between supervisors and subordinates
Improvement of engagement and motivation

Download Brochure

Explore Profiles Performance Indicator by downloading its PDF copy.

Available Reports

Profiles Performance Indicator™ provides the following reports for your full use. Click to enlarge the image.

Personal Report
Provides the employee with a guide for self-improvement and illustrates the employee’s behavioral tendencies.

Management Report
Provides the manager with insights that will help him lead, coach, and motivate the employee.

Graphic Summary
Provides an illustration of the five categories measured, useful for the manager.

Profiles Team Analysis
Helps managers form teams, anticipate problems, and better lead teams.

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More about Profiles Performance Indicator™

In an organization, or at a smaller scale – a team, the personality of each individual has its own impact on the performance and collaboration in the entity. It is when the Profiles Performance Indicator comes to help with its focus on understanding an individual’s characteristics and motivation to support the development of not only him/her but also the whole team.

Brochure highlights:

  • Useful for employee development and retention.
  • Based on DISC theory and extended to analyze in details important factors that matter a team’s performance and relationship.
  • Study either an individual or a whole team, pinpoint the matches and differences within the members.

All this and much more...