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ProfileXT® is a multi-purpose, total person employee assessment which aids in identifying candidates with a high probability for success, with a high psychological skill potential, also providing development and coaching suggestions for using the potential of individuals to the fullest.

Included in the following:

Assessment Overview

Success at a certain position is influenced by many factors, which are always in need to be discovered when organizations attempt to hire the best candidate for their vacancies. Among the many elements such as qualification, experience or background, job fit is the most crucial one as it affects the compatibility of the individual to the job’s nature as well as the organizational culture. To identify the “Job Fit” of the candidates, the organization shall gain benefit from the total-person assessment ProfileXT.

ProfileXT is not a simple IQ test; instead, it is a psychometric assessment tool that has been under validation and norming for years. Measuring three different aspects of an individual including thinking style, behaviors and occupational interests, ProfileXT helps provide useful information about the candidate’s cognitive ability, personality and motivation, which can serve any stage of the employee cycle, from recruitment, training and development, to retention and succession planning.

Moreover, as regards to the employers, ProfileXT helps improve recruitment process due to its various assistance roles in screening, interviewing and benchmarking candidates to the position’s signature performance model, which shows the traits that separate “top-performers” in the position from the middle and bottom ones.

Assessment Scales

Learning Index | Verbal Skill | Verbal Reasoning | Numerical Ability | Numeric Reasoning | Energy Level | Assertiveness | Sociability | Manageability | Attitude | Decisiveness | Accommodating | Independence | Objective Judgement | Financial / Administrative | Enterprising | Technical | Mechanical | Creative | People Service

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Available Reports

ProfileXT provides the following reports for your full use. Click the image to enlarge.

Performance Model Comparison
Provides the manager with insights into the person’s thinking style, behavioral traits and occupational interests. Interview Guides
Suggest interview questions with regards to each trait in Profiles Sales Assessment’s result of the candidate. Strategic Workforce Planning
Illustrates the employee’s job match percentage to all job match patterns within the company. Candidate Matching
Provides an overview of all applicants for a particular job and their job match percentages. Summary Reports
Provide a summarised view of candidate’s assessment result as well as matching result to a certain performance model.
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About ProfileXT®

An individual’s possibility to succeed at a certain position has been always a mystery to employers in their attempts to hire the candidates most fitting the need. In such the case, employers shall benefit from ProfileXT, which measures three different aspects in an individual including Thinking Styles, Behavioural Traits and Occupational Interests.

Among the many elements such as qualification, experience or background, job fit is the most crucial one as it affects the compatibility of the individual to the job’s nature as well as the organizational culture. Based on the concept “Job-Fit”, ProfileXT also helps identify the match of the individual with a specific job within the organization.

Brochure highlights:

  • Useful for many purposes including recruitment, training and development, succession planning…
  • Performance Model is what differentiates each job profile and is built based on real data of incumbents or on survey results from hiring/line managers.
  • 9 different reports whose features are to serve various purposes. Combinations of reports are recommended for a better utilisation of the results.

All this and much more…

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