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Recruitment Solutions

The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best
people in the world.
” – Steve Jobs


How to get the best people for the right jobs has always been a question that produces vastly different perspectives and triggers heated debates. Some believe that there is a single best solution which can solve all these concerns that would work for everyone, every time. However, since each organization and team have specific requirements and unique cultures, “one-size-fits-all” solutions are often found to be inadequate by companies in addressing their needs.

Here at TRG Talent, we believe in customizing solutions to your company’s hiring demands and offer a range of assessments and surveys for you to choose from.

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Recruitment Needs

Job fit

When a person is placed in the “fittest” job, one that best matches with their thinking style, their personalities, potentials and interests, decades of research has found that they do not only have higher job satisfaction which increases engagement and retention but their overall performance and contribution to the company also sky-rocket.

It is, however, tremendously complex for HR personnel and hiring managers to gain this vital information about applicants since traditional CVs only reveal the applicants’ qualifications, credentials and experiences. This is where we step in!

Management Trainee Programs

Hiring fresh graduates and training them to become the next generation leaders is a practice employed by many companies who value long-term growth and retention. Being “fresh”, trainee candidates often possess the same skill sets and differ only in their passions and characters.

With this, companies are often faced with two major obstacles simultaneously: How to screen a big number of applicants in a limited amount of time AND how to gain meaningful and actionable insights into the applicants’ differences and uniqueness to best inform the hiring decisions.

Behavioral Interviews

Asking the right questions is a big part of an effective interview, and it doesn’t help when most of your candidates are equipped with polished default answers for common interview questions. Moreover, with so many crucial factors to a position, HR personnel usually struggle to make the difficult choice of choosing which factors are more important than others – whether they should pursue further questioning into the candidates’ teamwork ability, how assertive they are, or their level of decisiveness.

Our behavioral interview solutions aim to help you uncover candidates’ natural tendencies which enable HR personnel to identify and focus their interview questions on potential risks of a candidate for a specific job. You can also gauge motivations and predict performance and retention.

Identify Leadership Potential

In the modern business landscape, the battle to identify and recruit the best talent is becoming increasingly fiercer and more difficult than ever. In order to stay ahead, companies have realized that the best way to beat the competition is not to identify leaders, but instead, identify and recognize leadership potentials which can then be nourished and cultivated within the organization.

However, leadership potential is often difficult to spot, especially in individuals without leadership or managerial experiences. TRG Talent solutions not only assist you to identify leadership potentials in your current workforce, but also support your organization in realizing the leaders suitable for your company even in the pre-hiring process.

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