Retention & Engagement

Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they
don’t want to
.” – Richard Branson 

Solution Overview

People retention and engagement is a nonstop research topic with 1.5 Million results on Google Scholar and counting.

Most of the companies need their employee retention, but truly they need their engaged employee retention. “Impact of employee engagement” is TRG Talent recommend keyword in case you need to find out more about the benefit of engaged employees.

The question is, “What can I do to improve employee engagement and retention?”. TRG Talent can provide you with an answer with your own specific case.

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What we can do


Retention is an effort to maintain a working environment which supports the current employee in remaining with the company thus reduce the substantial costs involved in hiring and training new staff. TRG Talent can help your company to measure those related to retention such as a sense of belong to, relationship with a co-worker, understanding each other, responsibility... to find out any risk factor and base for your company to establish the best strategy to retention.

Identify Successor

When people engage, they tend to maximize effort on a daily basis to be motivated and contribute to the success of the organization and show a high level of moral. Worker's engagement depends on working culture, organization structure, company value and social environment. TRG Talent can help your organization to effectively screen employees and find out who needs help and eventually improved one's engagement.

Leaderdship Awareness

Every development process first starts with the awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it is crucial for a leader to raise their awareness before taking any step into the road of development. TRG Talent offers a systematic and objective solution to identify the development needs of managers, which enables organizations to provide targeted and specific support and gain the maximum return from the development investment. It can also help leaders discover management issues that could lead to low employee engagement, morale, and satisfaction.

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