Training & Development

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training
them and having them stay.”
Henry Ford

Solution Overview

Employee training and development is one of the most beneficial investments. Having a focused and effective training and development program helps organizations showcase their commitment to the growth and improvement of their employees, along with assists companies to achieve their strategic goals and maximise business growth.

With this in mind, TRG Talent provides our customers with a range of psychometric-driven solutions that will help your organisation to tackle some of the most common training & development issues faced by companies around the globe.

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Training & Development Needs

Identify high-potential employees (HiPos)

Even though investing in your employees is a smart strategic decision, the reality is often less than ideal. Company’s resources are often limited, therefore, spending your manpower, budget and time in a way that creates the most value is vital to the organisation. Thus, most companies opt to identify their high-potential employees (HiPos) to focus their training and development efforts in order to yield the best results.

Identify training & development needs

Nowadays, with the increasing understanding of the importance of training and development, every organisation has developed their own programs for their workforce, usually tailored to the company’s strategies. However, companies often mistake between what their employees want versus what they need, which is one of the leading causes for the high failure rate of most training & development programs. This is not without its reasons, as identifying the actual needs of employees is a difficult task to perform.

Measure training effectiveness

There are multitudes of difficulties in designing an effect. Furthermore, it is extremely challenging to objectively judge the effectiveness of a training program after implementation. Traditional methods such as employee satisfaction survey are highly subjective and provide limited information. This is where we step in!

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