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Wiley / Profiles International

Wiley/Profiles International is one of the pioneers in psychometric assessment solutions with 20+ years of research and 10+ years of presence in Vietnam. TRG Talent provides standardized solutions to assist organizations to build and retain a high-performance workforce.

2 types of psychometric solutions:

Self-assessment TypeA person completes this type of assessment by rating himself/herself.
Survey TypeMany people will be asked to give feedback for an individual to complete a 360-degree survey.

Included in the following:


ProfileXT® provides development and coaching suggestions for individuals and is used in identifying candidates with a high probability for success and psychological skill potential.

ProfileXT Leadership

This tool is designed to identify the way in which a person's specific features are manifested in their adopted leadership style, what their strengths, as well as their greatest challenges, are.

CheckPoint 360°

It helps managers identify how far they have achieved in becoming a charismatic leader, and whether their efforts are prioritized and distributed in the most beneficial ways.

Profiles Performance Indicator™

It helps managers better motivate their employees, support their development and improve team communication as well as predicting and minimizing team conflict.

Profiles Managerial Fit™

Measures critical aspects of compatibility between a manager and their employees and proposes solutions with regard to further action that must be taken to increase the productivity of the two.

Profiles Sales CheckPoint™

A tool used to help salespeople improve their performance and selling abilities. The salesperson receives feedback from their manager, which is compared with their own feedback.

Profiles Sales Assessment™

Provides a means of selecting people with the right qualities for achieving sales performance, identifying the characteristics which define the success of every organization.

Customer Service Profile™

It identifies the people who can provide top-quality service in relation to internal or external, governmental or private clients and suggests methods for coaching existing candidates.

Profiles Pathway Planner™

It highlights insight about behavioral traits, ability and interests of an individual, from which it provides job suggestions that fit with the individual's ability and personality.