Customer Service Profile

Customer Service Profile™ identifies the people who have the specific behavioural characteristics for providing a top-quality service in relation to internal or external, governmental or private clients and suggests methods for coaching existing candidates.

Customer Service Profile

Assessment Overview

Customer service positions require a specific set of behavioural characteristics, which can be difficult to find or identify in employment candidates.
Customer Service Profile™ is a customer service assessment that measures how well a person fits specific customer service jobs in your organisation. This employee assessment is based on various characteristics identified through Profiles International’s carefully compiled research. It includes a customer service skills test and customer representative assessment. You can also select vertical-specific versions available in hospitality, healthcare, financial services, and retail.


This assessment measures behavioural characteristics that relates to providing top-quality service to customers as well as the match with each organisation based on position benchmark with regards to the following scales:
Trust | Tact | Empathy | Conformity | Focus | Flexibility | Verbal Ability | Numerical Ability

Customer Service Profile™ is recommended for

Screening, interview and candidate selection
Job fit
Coaching and self-improvement
Performance improvement
Employee development
Productivity and work quality increase

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Available Reports

Customer Service Profile™ provides the following reports for your full use

Individual Profile
Provides employees with information about their behavioural characteristics and proficiencies.

Coaching Report
Helps managers understand the individual’s behavioural characteristics, proficiencies, and service perspective. Also provides considerations for employee development.

Selection Report
Helps hiring managers understand the individual’s behavioural characteristics, proficiencies, and service perspective as they prepare for the interview.

About Customer Service Profile

Customer Service people are the one to be in the frontline and create the first impression about your organisation on the clients. Therefore, they should be capable of delivering the job well and suitable with the nature of customer service job. To address this issue, Customer Service Profile helps identify the people possessing characteristics to provide high-quality service both internally and externally. Also, it has vertical-specific versions available in hospitality, healthcare, financial services, and retail industries. Based on the Job-Fit concept, Customer Service Profile determines an individual’s match with the position benchmark for a customer service job and from that, proposes methods for coaching and development.


  • Useful for hiring and developing Customer Service people in hospitality, healthcare, financial service and retail.
  • Questionnaires and scales are Customer Service-focused.
  • Performance Model are built to reflect the profile of a successful Customer Service person for a specific position.

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