Profiles Pathway Planner

Profiles Pathway Planner™ is an intensive assessment tool which is helpful for career orientation based on the concept of "Job Fit".It highlights insight about behavioural traits, ability and interests of an individual, from which it provides job suggestions that fits with the individual's ability and personality.

Profiles Pathway Planner

Assessment Overview

In this ever-changing economy, it is getting increasingly difficult to find (and keep) exciting, well-paying jobs. If you are a student, how can you know which courses of study will propel you into a career that will challenge and fulfill you? If you have been experiencing various jobs and are looking for a change, how can you know which career is the most suitable for you?
It is never too early to start planning, and it is never too late to find the right path. Most people will make many career changes during their lives, but you can be a step ahead of everyone else with key insights that drive quality, guide education, or direct you to a better, happier career path.


This assessment outlines specific features of the individual relating to Thinking Style | Personality Traits | Occupational Interests as well as gives suggestions about suitable jobs for the assessment taker.

Assessment Scales

Learning Index | Verbal Ability | Verbal Reasoning | Numerical Ability | Numeric Reasoning | Energy Level | Assertiveness | Sociability | Manageability | Attitude | Decisiveness | Accommodating | Independence | Objective Judgement | Financial / Administrative | Enterprising | Technical | Mechanical | Creative | People Service

Pathway Planner™ is recommended for

Coaching and self-improvement
Career orientation and consultancy

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Available Reports

Profiles Pathway Planner™ provides the following reports for your full use

Individual Report
Provides scores and detailed descriptions on every traits in the three sections Thinking Style, Personality Traits and Interests as well as job suggestions based on assessment result along with codes to access each suggested job profiles on O*NET library.


Profiles Pathway Planner

Career orientation has always been a difficult issue to many students. They are bothered with a lot of questions about which course to take, which path to go and whether or not they have what it takes to successfully pursue their choices. However, it is never too early to start planning nor too late to find where you should head to with the help from Profiles Pathway Planner (PWP). This total-person assessment helps the students understand themselves: their cognitive ability, their behavioural tendencies and motivation. PWP also base on the students’ choices of interest to suggest jobs that are deemed suitable to their characteristics.


  • Useful for career orientation, consultancy and self-improvement.
  • Job suggestions are linked with ONET library which stores standard information about the jobs (tasks, requirements, working environment…) for easier visualisation.

All this and much more...