Profiles Sales Checkpoint

Profiles Sales CheckPoint™ is a 180-degree online survey to help managers assess sales people, identify their development needs, to provide coaching support and encourage communication based on a combination of self evaluation and feedbacks from managers.

Profiles Sales Checkpoint

Assessment Overview

Profiles Sales CheckPoint™ is a tool used to help salespeople improve their performance and selling abilities. The salesperson receives feedback from their manager, which is compared with their own feedback. The combined feedback outlines perceived abilities in skills deemed critical to success in selling, and other important skill sets.


This assessment measures sales-related behaviours, as how they are perceived by the manager and the sales employee through the lens of 7 competencies and 19 sales skills:
Entrepreneurial Approach | Understands the Prospect | Develops Appropriate Solutions | Prospects Proactively | Manages Selling Process | Closes the Sale | Manages Sales Relationships

Profiles Sales CheckPoint™ is recommended for

Productivity and work quality increase
Identification and levelling of differences between supervisors and subordinates
Maintenance and increase in the number of clients
Development of sales skills and techniques
Improvement of communication level
Reduction of personnel turnover
Productivity and work quality increase
Improvement of engagement and motivation
Development of sales skills

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Available Reports

Profiles Sales CheckPoint™ provides the following reports for your full use

Individual Feedback Report
Describes the sales person’s skills and competencies.

Management Report
Provides a means of measuring a sales person’s progress in developing sales qualities and skills.


Profiles Sales Checkpoint

Sales plays an important part in a business’s health. Therefore, it is essential that sales people be assessed to identify improving areas as well as to strengthen their advantages. Based on the evaluation on the 7 Universal Sales Competencies (divided into 79 Behaviours) from the salesperson and his/her manager, Profiles Sales Checkpoint, which is a 180-degree survey, determines the salesperson’s current demonstration of successful sales behaviours and helps them improve their performance and selling abilities.


  • Useful for sales skills and techniques development, turnover rate reduction and sales potential identification.
  • The report also pinpoints the differences in the perception of the salesperson and his/her manager, which afterwards can be leveraged on for better alignment in direction.

All this and much more...