About ProfileXT

An individual’s possibility to succeed at a certain position has been always a mystery to employers in their attempts to hire the candidates most fitting the need. In such the case, employers shall benefit from ProfileXT, which measures three different aspects in an individual including Thinking Styles, Behavioural Traits and Occupational Interests.

Among the many elements such as qualification, experience or background, job fit is the most crucial one as it affects the compatibility of the individual to the job’s nature as well as the organisational culture. Based on the concept “Job-Fit”, ProfileXT also helps identify the match of the individual with a specific job within the organisation.

Dynamic Enterprise Modeling

  • Useful for many purposes including recruitment, training and development, succession planning…
  • Performance Model is what differentiates each job profile and is built based on real data of incumbents or on survey results from hiring/line managers.
  • 9 different reports whose features are to serve various purposes. Combinations of reports are recommended for a better utilisation of the results.

All this and much more...