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About TRG Academy

For years, the industry-leading experts at TRG have been developing and turning our internal knowledge base into exclusive training courses to better serve our clients. Their glowing reviews spark our inspiration to deliver these high-quality, interactive courses to the general public.

We are proud to present TRG Academy - an all-in-one online hub for every training need. You now can access to courses once were offered exclusively to TRG’s clients only.

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What will you find in TRG Academy? 

Practical, comprehensive, easy to understand training courses that enable you to:

  • Bridge any knowledge gaps
  • Ensure everyone in your teams is on the same page
  • Master the software inside and out
  • Standardize your training and onboarding new employees process
  • Professional, interactive courses available virtually anytime, anywhere

And why do we choose to deliver courses online?

  • Convenience
  • Flexibility
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Life-long learning
  • Secured online database
  • Only learn what you need to know

Why choose TRG?

TRG International is a global market-leading professional services firm, focused on delivering technical excellence. We believe that with the right IT solutions working quietly in the background, our customers can be free to focus on their core business.

We are an Infor Gold Partner and a partner of Infor products for more than 25 years. Infor solutions that we implement include the operating service Infor OS, Infor SunSystems, Infor d/EPM, Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI/ SyteLine), Infor CloudSuite LN, Infor HMS and more.

TRG delivers more than just IT systems. We identify and implement the right solutions to elevate your business to a new height.

Featured Courses

Enterprise Performance Management

SunSystems Training

This modern, comprehensive financial management solution is one of the first Infor's products hosted in the cloud. SunSystems, just like any other Infor products, was designed with you, the user, in mind.

Packed full of international capabilities, SunSystems enables you to handle complex financial activities, generate reports, make informed decisions, stay compliant and respond quickly to changing requirements in any market.

Learn how to master this software with TRG's SunSystems Training courses created by our experts just for you.

Enterprise Performance Management

Talent Management

Great People Inside (GPI) is a talent management suite aimed at enabling you to make impactful hiring decisions, engage and unleash each talent’s full potential, further develop your leaders and more.

To navigate through GPI's extensive library of assessments, surveys, and dimensions can be overwhelming. Thus, to help you design assessments best suit your needs, whether it is for recruitment, engagement, or training and development purposes, we got you covered.

Get started on your first GPI Training course today and manage the entire employee life cycle with confidence tomorrow!

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