Retail Management Solutions

As a retailer, you know this business is dynamic and exciting on the surface but requires some serious effort behind the scenes to run your business profitably.

What TRG offers

Instant and localized support everywhere you go
Multi-currency, integrated taxations and regional regulatory policies
POS, store operations, inventory, payment, etc in one single platform
Omnichannel retailing experience
Centralized customer and inventory data management across all channels
Enhanced consumer engagement at every touchpoint with mobile-POS

A retail management system is more than the automation of everyday sales transactions, it should include a wide range of modules and functionalities that can be customised to match business needs. For a comprehensive approach, your software should include inventory, vendor, employee and customer management tools. Moreover, your system should provide insight into your business with on-demand, multi-dimensional reports.

Software products you need:

Retail Pro 9

Retail pro 9 is Widely known for its impressive scalability and adaptability.

POS (Point of Sale)

The intuitive order and payment flow makes POS transactions a snap and let you effortlessly manage your daily retail transactions.