How to become a TRG intern resource partner

We are already working with multiple intern resource partners that help us facilitate our internships.

We work closely with our resource partners to ensure that our interns meet if not exceed their expectations and have a valuable and satisfying internship with us. If you are interested in becoming a TRG intern resource partner you can contact us using the form below.

Our internship programs are based around getting our interns to learn and experience as much as possible and getting them integrated into the way we do business. Because of this, it is still rather difficult for us to have internships that are less than 8 weeks / 2 months, as this simply does not allow for the intern to properly adjust and learn. We also find that short term interns more often than not greatly regret only being able to do a short internship and many actually extend their internships.

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TRG gives you the opportunity to gain work experience from a large international company and be integrated into our team of professionals..

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