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Hospitality Management Solution

Infor HMS is a hotel property management software built to personalize the guest experience

Build a better guest experience

Maintaining a steady stream of guests at your hotel is the critical first step in operating your business at a profit. Filling rooms is only part of the formula.

You must fill more rooms with high-value guests and entice them to stay longer, spend more, and return often. You need software that gives you easy access to actionable information about guests and potential guests, and the time to put that information to good use. These guest-centric tools should be complemented by capabilities that streamline core processes like CRM, revenue management, and incident management

Streamline your operations

With one system for all your guest and hotel data, you can stay on top of all the little details that ensure a great guest experience.

With Infor HMS you will get:

Flexible Deployment

Multiple deployment options, including traditional on-property, private-cloud hosting and AWS.

Secure Infrastructure

Infor is managed by leaders in big data management making its systems reliable and secured.

Intuitive User Experience

Support your business requirements and strategies with comprehensive custom-designed screens.


You and your guests can access information directly from your mobile devices in real-time.

Features and Benefits


Cloud-ensured flexibility and security

HMS is a true multi-tenant cloud architecture that can be deployed on-premise, in a public cloud on Amazon Web Services, or in private. Infor manages the infrastructure and the security, which offers the reliability of regional data centres that are managed by field leaders of big data management.

Track guest preferences for better personalized service

Hospitality Management Solution can track guest preferences, automate match and merger of guest data, which provides better and more personalized guest service. Also, HMS provides enhanced enterprise collaboration across brands, properties, and central reservations with access to a guest profile.


Track guest preferences for better personalized service

Infor HMS allows guests to access information on their mobile devices for various services, such as check-in and check-out, housekeeping, concierge, and lost-and-found tracking, as well as, interact with other guests at any time or anywhere in the hotel.

With HMS property management software, give employees access to actionable information about guests and prospects, allowing them to quickly assess each booking and offer a rich experience.


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Infor EzRMS Product Brochure

Easily manage revenue and yield

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Improve guest experience

Infor HMS is a next-generation hotel property management system that includes mobile applications to reduce check-in/check-out times, automate housekeeping, and manage incidents and facilities.

As a result, you can operate your properties efficiently and economically, serve your guests quickly, and keep your costs under control.

  • Get more repeat business from more profitable guests.
  • Raise staff efficiency and facilitate collaboration.
  • Improve reporting so you can make better decisions.
  • Empower employees to spend more time with guests.
  • Gain a higher return from your properties.

Enriching guest service with seamlessly integrated technology

Virgin Hotels needed a technology partner that could operate seamlessly behind the scenes and help enrich the customer experience. Infor HMS has provided the functionality, integration, and customer support that has helped Virgin Hotels deliver memorable guest services, from mobile check-in, to controlling the room thermostat, and more.

Hospitality Management Solution (HMS) details:

Detailed guest profiling

Access a single database of actionable information and provide your employees with the information they need to perform their jobs, whether they’re front desk clerks, reservation agents, property managers, or finance employees. Reservation agents who are in remote locations can work in the same system—with the same data—as your local front desk agents.

Create guest specific packages

Add any package item to any rate plan to create a guest-specific package or hotel-stay experience.

See guest value

Present lifetime value at the point of interaction—See the lifetime value of a guest from the reservation or check-in screen.

Flexibility to grow – anywhere

Make your company more flexible and gain the upper hand on the global market

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