Our Six core values define our DNA and Why we do what we do:

Passion, Integrity, Innovation, Collaboration, Coaching Culture and Kaizen.

What makes us different?

I guess we’re like other start-ups. We had a great idea, we had great people, we had great energy and  great skills so people threw money at us and despite the obstacles we took off like a rocket and we all lived happily ever after. A good story that could probably be made into a hit film. Unfortunately we’re neither in Hollywood or Bollywood.


Our real story is likely not box office worthy. In the beginning (1994) we started with one man (but no dog) out of a dining room. We were young (back then), we had great ideas and loads of passion and boundless energy (we were young!) a Can Do it attitude and we worked hard.

We found customers in multiple countries so we added more people. We outgrew the dining room, we moved into offices and things went well and so we added yet more folks, things continued to go well and so we added even more folks and things still went well and we added even more people and expanded to more countries and sold to customers in even more countries and added even more solutions and even more people.

We moved to larger offices and survived the late 90’s Asia financial crisis and expanded to even more countries and made some mistakes (OK so we made a lot of mistakes) and survived the bust and exited some countries (did I mention we made a few faux pas?) and dropped some product lines and survived the GFC and sold into even more new countries and added even more people and added more product lines and moved to even larger offices in Sala, District 2 (where? trust us, we’re ahead of the curve again, this is the new CBD, we’re just a few years early)  and added more solutions and customers in even more countries and that sort of brings us to where we are today.

With customers in 80+ countries, our 400-ish people in 3 (at least) real offices and lots of other locations (no idea exactly where as we believe in co-working spaces and just getting the work done, not where you’re doing it .. and I guess we do own a coffee chain that opens new places every few months and occasionally closes the mistakes too)  and many more of our people celebrate  5-10-15-20 (25 coming up soon for some) years service. We have centuries of experience. We’ve been in business since 1994 and come of age (don’t we all wish to always be 21?), so we are just beginning, our story has many more decades to come. As Simon Sinek says “The opportunity is not to discover the perfect company for ourselves. The opportunity is to build the perfect company for each other.”

Will you join us and help build our story?

– CEO, Rick Yvanovich


Passion is a key to success. Passion for excellence: we aspire for excellence in all we do.

Passion for learning; knowledge does not stand still and nor does our knowledge, we are curious and we seek to constantly learn more. We remain relevant. Passion for getting stuff done & moving forward. We make decisions, we just do it, we are Can-Do as we are results focused.


We are direct, honest and transparent and aim to do the right things. We say what we do and we do what we say.

“If you have integrity nothing else matters
If you do not have integrity nothing else matters” 
– Alan Simpson


We never stop coming up with new and better ways to deliver the most cutting-edge IT technology to our clients.

Coaching Culture

Through comprehensive coaching programs, we ensure our teams’ technical adeptness and industry expertise are always top-notch.


People are key to what we do and we foster a collaborative and friendly environment where everyone is a valued partner in our success. Doors remain open to solicit and share ideas, propose initiatives, make mistakes and suggest improvements.


Nothing is perfect and thus we embrace and are committed to continuous never-ending, lifelong improvement of ourselves and all that we do. Daily small scale improvements over a long time make a significant difference.

Everyday we work on ourselves. We do not aim to do the best that we can but aim to do the best that can be done… and then seek to make it even better.

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