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Future-proof Operating Service

Infor OS is a hybrid Cloud platform bringing business processes and Artificial Intelligence together

One singular platform

Endless opportunities to make technology a competitive advantage

Your business is growing. Your industry is evolving. Your customers’ needs are changing. Your workforce is shifting. What’s next? Be ready with Infor OS.

Bends without breaking

Infor OS is based on the architecture of the internet-flexible, scalable, adaptable and open.

Work your way

Customised specific roles, teams, or areas of interest aggregate process and deliver information automatically.

Turn Information into action

Data visualisation capabilities work across systems to deliver information automatically based on the user's role and priorities.

Specialise w/o customisation

Infor's foundation from industry analytics, processes, roles and views, you get specialised functionality you need without costly customisations.

Be prepared

Infor OS gives you the flexibility to add or modify systems as your business grows.

Work smarter

Infor OS embeds collaboration, document and business management within enterprise systems.

Infor OS Overview

Infor OS is your operating service for the future, designed to serve as the foundation for your entire enterprise. From collaboration and extensibility to AI and in-context business intelligence, Infor OS helps maximize the potential of your people and your technology.

Infor OS serves as the foundation for your entire enterprise ecosystem, providing seamless integration between systems, unified user experience across all applications, and organization-wide visibility into the real-time information you need to drive your business.

Conversational user experience

Infor® OS is your operating service for the future, designed to serve as the foundation for your digital transformation in whatever form it may take. Its
focus is on delivering technology that goes beyond enabling business—to driving it, putting the user at the center of every experience and serving
as a unifying foundation for your entire ecosystem. The result is a connected, intelligent network that automates, anticipates, predicts, and informs
your stakeholders in everything they do.

Continous evolution-enabled by Infor OS

Staying current is no longer a matter of choice—it’s a matter of survival. Now is the time to give your enterprise the agility, intelligence, and cost-efficiency it needs to differentiate itself from competitors in an increasingly level playing field. With Infor OS, your company gets deep analytics, advanced collaboration, and powerful development tools—all with a mobile-first design, open source compatibility, and powerful integration capabilities to make unified management a reality.

Seamless Integration

Purpose-built middleware unifies enterprise systems, providing organization-wide visibility

Science-powered analytics

Deep analytics and business intelligence support superior decision-making.

Conversational user experience

A consumer-inspired user experience, plus voice and chat commands, make software intuitive and easy-to-use.

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