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SunSystems Multi-tenant Cloud

The new release of SunSystems Cloud aka SunSystems 7 SaaS offers advanced tools that enable you to work faster, more flexibly and more efficiently. With SunSystems Saas Cloud, you can focus on the work you do best, letting the pros handle the technical side of things while lowering costs at the same time.

Unlock these opportunities:


time reduction for invoice processing


less time to invoice approval

months up and running on multiple sites

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Is SunSystems Cloud right for you?

What's included

SunSystems 7 SaaS is a cloud-based and multi-tenant financial management solution with integrated purchasing, inventory and sales management tools designed to meet the intricate needs of international companies with complex requirements.

What's new?

Every aspect of SunSystems has been improved, modernised and simplified. Here are the capabilities added from 6.4 version.

From design to production, an easy-to-use environment
Get business insights through a variety of channels
Easily integrate with other Infor and third-party solutions
Secured access to documents across the ecosystem
Improve processes between entities and systems

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Financial Reporting At Your Fingertips

Quickly create reports showing trends, patterns, and exceptions.

Get up and running quickly with minimal training and technical skills.

Schedule your analyzes and reports to run at any time.

Perform queries the same way across multiple applications and pull the resulting data in a single report.

Make inquiries in many ways, and get multiple options for visualizing data.

Solution included:

SunSystems Financial Controller User

Infor OS

Digital Platform for your enterprise.


Unified UX

Workflows / Alert

Data management


Document Management

Solution included:


Why SunSystems Cloud and Why Now

Migrating to the cloud is as effortless as ever with our list and shift service.

If you are currently on SunSystems 6.3 or 6.4, we can help you move your system to the cloud.

Control & Simplify Costs

A single subscription cost in place of hardware, maintenance, IT, license and upgrade costs of an on-premise solution.

Innovate Faster

Take advantage of new, innovative functionality more quickly and cost-effectively than was historically possible.

Agile Response

Highly flexible, cloud-based systems can scale to meet charging needs, including multiple languages and currencies.

CapEx to OpEx

SunSystems 7 can help free up capital while delivering the flexibility to meet evolving organisational needs.

Available 24/7

SunSystems 7 is available 24/7 no matter where employees are located or what devices they're using.

Streamline Security & Services

Leverage a secure infrastructure provided by cloud experts, like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Benefits at a glance

24x7 support and business continuity capabilities

Guaranteed system availability service level agreement (SLA)

Automatic monitoring and scaling of your cloud environments

Automatic and ongoing updates of functional enhancements

Automatic and ongoing updates for security and compliance

Removal of data silos

Enhanced collaboration tools using our cloud technology stack

Reduced reliance on internal IT staff

Software as a service (SaaS) model frees up capital

Existing customers can retain detailed historical records

Innovate faster

When IT resources are focused on maintaining existing infrastructure and on-premises solutions, they become unavoidably stuck in a defensive operational mode— keeping things up and running becomes an overwhelming effort. As a result, teams struggle to get ahead of the basics to
support more strategic initiatives that can facilitate organizational change. SunSystems’s cloud-based business solutions empower an organization to take risks and pursue business opportunities, such as rapidly adding new geographical financial units without adding expensive infrastructure. It becomes possible to take advantage of innovative functionality more quickly and
cost-effectively than was historically possible. If an initiative succeeds, it can be scaled seamlessly to a wider audience. This unprecedented level of flexibility enables companies to foster a culture that’s conducive to implementing bold ideas—not just within IT, but throughout the entire organization.

Fuel global growth

The SunSystems cloud-based solution allows businesses to rapidly establish new financial business units or expand
existing financial operations in virtually any region without having to physically be there, which substantially minimizes
both capital investments and risk. It also offers better business outcomes by allowing remote offices to operate seamlessly
alongside other business units and headquarters and make it easier to share information with business partners regardless of supplier location.

Simplify compliance

Keeping aligned with continuous changes in software, security, and regulations is complex and expensive. It’s a daunting effort, and yet, businesses have no option but to do their best to comply.

Compliance is an area where cloud-based solutions offer extraordinary benefits to businesses eager to increase productivity and reduce risk. In a cloud-based SaaS world, security and compliance updates can be pushed out automatically to the entire organization as soon as they’re available. Not only does this simplify the process of keeping systems up to date, it also ensures that everyone in the company has access to the latest information and tools to do their jobs effectively. SunSystems can help with ongoing security compliance and governance requirements.

Capitalizing on this opportunity to rein in the complexity, cost, and risk of non-compliance is relevant to nearly every business. The approach is particularly valuable for firms operating in multiple countries, which can make regulatory and compliance challenges even more complex and costly.

Achieve global 24x7 service and business continuity

In today’s economy, downtime means lost revenue. Companies can’t afford to have essential applications offline. If you cannot perform critical financial processes such as supplier payment runs or issuing sales invoices, there is a risk of incurring financial penalties, adversely affecting your cash flow and damaging your company's reputation. And in a world that’s always “switched on,” keeping the proverbial lights burning around the clock is fast becoming a business imperative.

The SunSystems cloud solution is available every day, 24 hours a day, no matter where employees are located or what devices they’re using. Because cloud computing providers deploy equipment that is typically far more reliable than anything most companies would use for their own on-premises solutions, we can achieve system up-time levels that are difficult to match.

Convert your software from a capital to an operational expense

SunSystems’s cloud-based software can help free up capital while delivering the flexibility to meet evolving organizational needs. With this switch in revenue reporting, companies will have access to funds for expansion and new business initiatives, and the ability to respond to growing market opportunities more quickly.

Decrease risk, increase collaboration and productivity

For many organizations, emerging markets and remote locations comprise the next great business frontier. However, capitalizing on those opportunities can be complex and expensive, as getting the technical skills and equipment in place to establish operations is not a trivial undertaking. Combine that with variables to be answered, such as what product knowledge skills will be available to support legacy on-premises financial systems, or what types of new regulations and reporting requirements will have to be met. To do their jobs better, faster, and more flexibly, workers have turned increasingly to “shadow systems” outside of officially sanctioned core IT applications. Personal mobile devices are used to tap into the company network. Teams can also use personal file-sharing accounts such as Dropbox and Google Drive to collaborate outside of approved corporate IT environments. In short, workers are implementing their own cloud-based solutions to achieve the ease of use and functionality they need but aren’t getting from their own IT departments.

These applications aren’t necessarily “bad,” yet if used in the wrong way or not surrounded by the proper security infrastructure and protocols, they can expose businesses
to unnecessary risk, including theft of intellectual property, lost data, and even damage to a company’s reputation. With SunSystems’s cloud-based applications, organizations can help employees to do their jobs better, faster, smarter, and more collaboratively. The Infor Cloud technology stack provides a consumer-grade user interface, mobile connectivity, alerts, and configurable workflows to enhance collaboration and productivity. The result: decreased company risk, as employees no longer have to enlist external sources to optimize job performance.

      C A P A B I L I T I E S Infor SunSystems Cloud 1       
SunSystems 6.4 on-premises/hosted SunSystems
  Core financial management
  Latest functionality enhancements
  Modern, intuitive graphical user interface
  Enterprise data management
  Supply chain management
  Social bussiness collaboration (Infor Ming.le)
  Infor OS workflow, alerts,
  and process management
  Customer and vendor portals
  Intercompany management
  Enhanced cloud and mobile capability
  Partner solution integration
  Business intelligence and reporting
  Q&A 11.3 latest functionalities enhancement
  Scalability for business growth
  Cost optimisation
  Automatic updates for security
  and technology compatibility
  New consumer-grade user experience

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Understand every piece of data you own and the jurisdiction it belongs to using machine learning and robotic processing capabilities.

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