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Turn information into insight, with this comprehensive Financial Management Solution and gain the upper hand on the global market.

About Infor SunSystems

Infor SunSystems brings you unparalleled adaptability and user-friendliness. The latest version, Infor SunSystems 6.4, is one of the first Infor’s products hosted in the cloud.

Infor SunSystems is created to serve a growing market demand and compatible with current technology trends. Furthermore, SunSystems is constantly upgraded to offer the best solutions to customers.

Delivering integrated financial management, purchasing, sales, and inventory management to over 9,000 customers in 190+ countries, SunSystems transforms financial information into profitable action, all from one financial management solution.

Streamline your finances

SunSystems is an easy-to-use, innovative and powerful enough to meet finances' needs today and flexible enough to meet tomorrow's evolving challenges.

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User Friendly Reporting

Real time financial management, allowing you to see detailed reports as they come in.

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Easy Implementation

Easy implementation minimises disruption to your business.

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International Capabilities

International capabilities make you flexible on the global market. Respond quickly to requirements in any market.

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Control Spending

Control spending and Budgeting, gain insight down to transactional level, make better business decisions

FCR Vietnam

Mr. Dominique Bisalputra – CFO

“TRG always presents and provides us the latest information on the evolution of the product. TRG is always listening for our requirements. And SunSystems bring us the solution to manage these projects.”

Mobifone Vietnam

Hoang Dinh Thong – Administrator

“TRG’s support team is excellent. Usually, when we send support requests to TRG, responses arrive within 30-60 minutes only. I am very happy with the services of TRG!”. - Hoang Dinh Thong - SunSystems Administrator

Dai Viet Securities

Mrs. Tran Thi Rong – Chief Accountant

“Whenever an issue arises, TRG’s support team always helps us resolve it in a timely manner. I must say they are very enthusiastic, attentive and professional.” - Mrs. Tran Thi Rong - Chief Accountant


Real-time sophisticated financial management, letting you see detailed reports as they come in.

Relevant information, accurately targeted, as you like it, not a data deluge.

Rapidly expanding and changing businesses? No worries, you’ll easily and quickly update the system on the fly with confidence.

Control Spending

Control spending and budgeting, dive deep into your organisation’s spending.

Get financial and business details at transaction level and get the information you need anytime and anywhere you want. And you do this without relying on your IT department.

Reduce financial planning time by up to 70% allowing your team to focus on more valuable tasks.


The fast and simple implementation helps you get set up in no time.

Infor SunSystems is easy to modify.

We help you implement the system as well as teach you and your team how to use it.

This is done with a proven step by step implementation process including a post-implementation review, to ensure your success and further fine-tune the system.

Don’t want to maintain the system in-house? We’ve got that covered too, our managed services will take care of that.

International Capabilities

Customise the system to your global requirements. Adapt language, currency, management reporting, statutory reporting or special accounting treatments.

Infor SunSystems keeps you agile, it adapts to multiple and changing regulatory environments. Connecting local accounting with statutory, regional and corporate accounting and reporting.

You will be adaptable and flexible in any market, Infor SunSystems has been proven by over 9,200 companies in over 190 different countries.

With Infor SunSystems you have all the essentials for enabling your multi-national, multi-site organisation.

Add-ons Available

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TEBIS (TRG eBanking)

TRG’s own Infor SunSystems eBanking solution. TEBIS gives you more control over your banking. Developed in-house at TRG, to cover your needs.

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Bank Payment System (BPS)

Bank Payment System for Infor SunSystems (BPS) is a complete business solution for both payments and Bank Statement processing.

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B4B eBanking

Simple and secure electronic bank transfers. B4B provides a seamless link between Infor SunSystems and your bank(s) for Electronic Funds Transfers.

Blog Posts

Our mission is to be your preferred partner providing solutions that work and we will make sure to guide your business to greatness every day.

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Choosing the right financial system

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