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In trying times such as these, the advantages of a digital assessment process are all the more obvious. How can you conduct recruitment, assessment and development safely, while working from home?

Our Objectives

TRG Talent aspires to help businesses and organisations navigate and get the upper hand in the battle for one scarce resource: talent. We strive to enable a community where companies and people are empowered to realise their full potential by maximising their talents and abilities.

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See how we help organisations look for the right employees, form a successful team with and aid them in maximising their talent and potential.

Advanced Assessments

Our solutions are built on 20+ years of personality, behaviour and leadership research by teams of Industrial and Organisational psychologists, psychometricians, and experts in both human resource and business.

Customisable Solutions

Every business is unique. We recognise and respect this by offering our customers customisable solutions to each stage of the employee cycle for your specific issues and needs.

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Our consultant team not only offers expertise on talent management solutions but also goes the extra mile to ensure every project is implemented impeccably and bring substantial growth to our customers.

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Blurring Your Employee’s Skill Gaps and Unlock Their Potential 
Skill gaps appear when your employees lack the skills needed to achieve a specific goal, preventing them from succeeding. In other words, the term stands for when the employees cannot fulfil the needs/requirements of

Posted by Mai Hoai Thu on 

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Incoming: the 4-Day Workweek. Are You Ready?

If you think organisations that embrace the "work from anywhere" arrangement are progressive enough, think again!

While deciding whether to employ a four-day work model or a completely virtual or hybrid workforce will give those involved a massive headache, this could be the key to unlocking productivity...

Posted by Mai Hoai Thu on 

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How to Build a Coaching Culture in an Organisation

Behind every great athlete, every winning team is a great coach, who knows how to unlock others’ full potential. For organisations, the same principle applies.

Each member of an organisation, regardless of whether they are a senior executive or an entry-level employee, would benefit from having a masterful coach

By Rick Yvanovich,

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TRG Talk is a series of monthly community events co-organised by TRG International and PJ’s Coffee Vietnam where we invite highly competent and inspirational speakers to come and speak about Project and Talent Management.

Talent Management solution company in Vietnam

In the age of technology, information has become one of the easiest resources to access, use and misuse. Unfortunately, insights about people – their natural styles, personalities, unconscious biases, preferences and more – still stay unsurfaced.

TRG Talent, using psychometric assessments and surveys that have been rigorously researched, developed and continuously improved, can support you in the increasingly difficult challenge of identifying who are the right fit with your company needs, cultures and values. In addition, we also provide your company with the tools necessary to gain deeper insights into your employees – the most valuable asset of any organisation – and what make them engaged and committed to greater success. 

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Our Clients

TRG Client
FMCG Company

“We are using the 1-year service of TRG Talent. TRG team has high expertise in GPI when providing training on the product and systems. They are devoted to supporting our HR team for the best results by thoroughly introducing the products, step by step guiding how to use the product by the easiest ways, simplifying the guideline for users for using for the year, and on-the-job training to optimize the TRG talent products.” - HR Manager

TRG Client
Hoan My Medical Corporation

“Good advice to customers. Consultant team is nice.”

TRG Client
Marico SEA

Very good and very professional. Consultants provide helpful and valuable information, clarify all the concerns and solve the root causes. Highly applicable.

TRG Client
CapitaLand Vietnam

“TRG provided great service and solutions for our recruitment and performance management process. TRG consultants are equipped with very good knowledge and have been very supporting.” – Nguyen Tuan Long – HR Department

“Very good, consultants are very supportive.” - Do Thi Tra My – HR Manager.

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Talent Management Solutions

TRG Talent provides a Talent Management Solution suite that aims at assisting companies with complex issues revolving talent management activities. Covering the whole employee cycle, TRG Talent's solutions are able to help companies in many stages, from recruiting to improving performance, from building teams to developing leaders and engaging employees.

TRG Talent's solutions are operated completely online, making it convenient for companies to implement and manage talent management projects. All our solutions are available in many languages and have been localised and standardised for various markets including Vietnam.

Request for a FREE demo today and experience the unique features from TRG Talent's Talent Management Solutions Suite, including:

  • Recruitment: Find the best-matched candidate for a particular job by using a range of assessments and surveys that gives you a full overview of an employee's potential and abilities.
  • Leadership: This solution will enable your organisation to obtain insights into your employees' strengths and weaknesses in order to tailor a development plan for them.
  • Training & Development: A psychometric-driven solution will help your company identify high potential employees, identify the training program your workforce need and measure its effectiveness.
  • Sales & Customer Service: Identify where and how to invest in these two front-line teams with the highest returns on investment by improving productivity, reduce sales mistakes and boost job satisfaction.
  • Retention & Engagement: Employees feel satisfied in using their skills if they own the result of their work and feel appreciated thus increasing engagement & retention - a good long-term business strategy.
  • Career Guidance: Having employees learn more about themselves and possible fitting career path will help them make the most informed decision regarding their career of choice.

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