Complete Talent Management Solutions

“Great vision without great PEOPLE is irrelevant” – Jim Collins

Nowaday's marketplace sees an intensifying competition amongst companies for talent. It is no doubt that outstanding employees are the key driving force behind any organisation's success. Because of that, failures to either hire the most suitable people or nurture their potentials and evaluate their interests, underlying motivation threatens business performance in all aspects. Success in doing so, on the other hand, sets the organisation for long term growth and fruitful development. These issues call for efficacious talent management solutions.

To overcome the challenges along the process of recruiting, managing and optimising human capital, a powerful assessment toolkit that allows for an in-depth understanding of employee's values and interest as well as potential is what companies are after. Not having a systematic assessment platform or proper talent management solutions puts your organisation at risks, hampers productivity and increases attrition.

With over 20 years of working with clients globally, we are committed to delivering advance technological and tactful talent management solutions. With our all-inclusive, online accessible testing platform, you can comprehensively assess people with immediate insightful reporting and feedback, streamlining talent acquisition, development and retention.

Employee Performance Evaluation

Formal performance appraisals or science-based assessment of employee performance underlies human resources management decisions. With our talent management solutions, you can make data-informed decisions on hiring new employees, evaluating current employees for other positions, spotting people with high leadership potential and understanding strengths and gaps, which all leads to the development of long-term values.

As the criteria for selecting or retaining a salesperson is totally different from training and developing a product manager, different stages of employee lifecycle or different positions demands unique assessing approaches. The appraisal tool you use should cover all aspects you would ever need while being highly customisable to meet specific requirements.

Great People Inside (GR8PI) - our product suite - enable you to embrace all stages of employees and executives life cycle; from acquisition to development and more through extensive psychometric measurement of what's behind people's thinking, behaviour and emotion.


Complete talent management solutions you would ever need for

1. Recruitment

2. Employee leadership

3. Training and Development

4. Sales and Customer Service

5. Employee Retention and Engagement

Talent Management Solutions


To help your business shine by finding the best-matched applicant for a specific job position, we provide solutions through an integrated assessment platform that uses a wide range of psychometric criteria to gather your candidate's intrinsic values and motivation, giving you a total understanding of their skills, competencies and potential.



With our solutions, spotting employees with high leadership potential becomes easier than ever as all you need to do is to select the metrics that work best for your team and organisation. The immediate report will give you insights into your employees' personality traits or leadership styles, thus preparing further development plans and making decisions.



Our psychometric GR8PI talent management solutions will help your company identify your employees' area of interests, strengths and weaknesses. On these insights, you can easily design a training and development plan to bridge the gap and help your team thrive.



Identify where and how to invest in these two front-line teams with the highest returns on investment by improving productivity, reducing sales mistakes and boosting job satisfaction.



Employees feel satisfied in using their skills if they own the result of their work and feel appreciated thus increasing engagement & retention - a good long-term business strategy.


If you need a unique assessment for your company, you can create one through a simple choose-and-pick exercise in our library of 100+ dimensions.

Online platform for the assessment of candidates, employees, managers and teams

Our aim is to implement an assessment process completely virtual that is as easy and intuitive as possible. Our dedicated team will create your online account and will walk you through the process of building occupational profiles and sending participation invitations to your candidates.

In the end, we will provide you with reports, containing clear results that can be easily interpreted even by users with no prior technical background.

Talent Management Solutions Suite

Experience a fully customised solution for Recruitment, Leadership, Training & Development, Sales & Customer Service, Retention & Engagement and more...