GR8 360°

For development, team dynamics and promotion

Time: 30 minutes The average duration of the survey.
Survey TypeMany people will be asked to give feedback for an individual.

Included in the following:

employee performance evaluation report sample

For a total-person view

employee performance review software

The 360-degree feedback survey has become a familiar concept with organisations that focus on the long-term development of their leaders and managers.

This is because assessing your company’s managers and leaders' managerial skills is not only a vital step for development planning and promotion considerations, it also ensures a higher level of engagement throughout your workforce.

Our 360-degree feedback survey serves this purpose by collecting and analysing feedback from multiple sources around the potential or current managers on a variety of managerial behaviours. In addition, we provide you with more than 50 different competencies and skill sets allowing you to customise the survey to reflect your company’s culture, values and specific requirements.

Use GR8 360° when your organisation is

  • Prioritising the development of your leaders’ managerial competencies, skills and behaviours
  • Focusing on strategic workforce and succession planning
  • Looking to identify talent and potential leaders in your current workforce
  • Planning on implementing leadership development programs
  • Working on conflict resolution
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We have an impressive assessment library with hundreds of dimensions that can be leveraged in creating a custom skills-based assessment that supports your organization’s specific competencies and unique vision.


Development | Team Motivation


Situational Adaptability | Innovation

Organisational Connectivity:

Work Relationships | Teamwork


Integrity | Guidance | Task Delegation 

Process Management:

Resource Use Efficiency | Professionalism


Initiative and Problem Solving | Goal Orientation


Active Listening | Information Analysis | Straightforward Communication


Commitment | Continuous Development

Engagement and Vision:

Vision | Power of Example | Empathy | Succession Planning

Team Spirit:

Interdisciplinary Approach | Cooperation | Open Communication | Conflict Management

Openness to change:

Creative Thinking | New Technology | Focus on the Essentials | Change Management


Courage | Responsibility and Empowerment | Risk Prevention | Performance Management

Commercial Strategy:

Creative Marketing | Client Orientation | Adapting to Client Needs | Risk Management

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