Digital Transformation

Advisory on how your business rates in digital asset performance and delivered by professionals who have actually done it!

Digital Transformation

Find out how your business rates in digital asset performance
Get a head start to take the lead over your competitors in building effective digital assets
Lay a strong foundation for continuous digital transformation
Build a team who can drive the effort forward
Raise Digital and Agile awareness and motivation throughout your company

Leverage Artificial Intelligence and advanced capabilities to manage your data, prevent frauds and transform your business.


Founder & CEO, TRG International



Digital Asset Evaluation, benchmarking existing digital assets, lacking digital assets, importance to your business competitiveness
Strategy Refresh and Tuning (R&T) framework
Wrap-up workshop to present findings and recommendations
Screen designs and flows of two to four sample new or improved digital assets, ready to build
Workshop to present initial evaluation findings
Digital Asset Refresh and Tuning (R&T) framework


2-4 weeks to evaluate your digital assets
Workshop to present initial evaluation findings
3-6 weeks to design 2-4 sample new or improved digital assets chosen from the evaluation. Brainstorm sessions with consultants, designer, assigned managers, and selected customers
Wrap up workshop to present sample designs, raise awareness and motivation to drive digital transformation forward

Digital Transformation Model

Three pillars are mutually dependent
Build digital assets to discover and realise business strategy, compete on existing market or disrupt

Digital advisory

Digital Assets

B2C, B2B (corporate customers,
business partners), Internal

Branding, acquisition, sales
payment, delivery, service, etc

Continuously planned
implemented, improved


Diverse digital assets plug-in,
share data, interact seamlessly

Users experience seamless
interaction with company

Agile Process

It’s about people: Leaders inspire,
Managers drive, Employees realize

Digital Assets enable

Continuous improvement ot
replacement of processes, digital assets

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See how your business rates in digital asset performance, lay a strong foundation for digital transformation.

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Identify and plan security improvements and management, drive and motivate team forward.

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