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Infor Enterprise Performance Management

Measure past performance and forecast activities with modern dynamic EPM software

About Infor EPM

Infor EPM collects real-time data from your source applications and translates it into business insights delivered through a fully integrated solution suite with a common user interface.

Every time you make a change, from modifying an order to changing an inventory status, information is updated automatically. You get a real-time, single version of the truth from a suite that is pre-built to take advantage of innovative technologies like mobility, big-data, and in-memory computing.

Control decision support architecture

Hear Infor President Duncan Angove discuss how Infor Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) can help funnel data from enterprise applications into Governance, Risk & Compliance, Performance Management, and Analytics, all pulling from a single, real-time set of data.

Prepare your business for future growth

To build a strong competitive advantage, empower users throughout your organization, and keep pace with changes in global markets—enterprise performance management software, like Infor EPM, can help

Expand your competitive edge

Transform your finance department by providing your teams with the tools to track your strategic activities against your past performance, while also better ensuring financial accounting accuracy.

Enterprise Performance Management / dEPM 1
Time to value

Simplify data integration and implementations and get a faster ROI on your ERP investment.

Enterprise Performance Management / dEPM 2
Workforce Planning

Match headcount demand to assign right people to a specific product, cost center, or customer

Enterprise Performance Management / dEPM 3
Financial Consolidation

Consolidate multiple sets of books quickly and seamlessly from each of your legal entities.

Enterprise Performance Management / dEPM 4
Organization Empowerment

Add new tabs to your workbooks for detailed revenue models with different time granularity.

Experience real-time insights with a centralized data repository so you can make more informed and perceptive decisions across your enterprise. EPM provides you with a holistic view of your business performance, so your insights can offer more accurate and actionable future predictions.

All of these and much more...

What makes Infor EPM different

Infor Enterprise Performance Management(Infor EPM) layers world-class business intelligence, financial consolidations, and business performance management capabilities onto Infor’s 10x technology platform to deliver simplified integration, beautiful design, and in-context business intelligence.

Real-time decision making
See your budgets and strategic plans in the same window as your ERP transactions, so you can understand the impact of a change before you act.

Forecasting on the fly
Forecast and project on the fly, wherever you are; adjust plans easily to accommodate changing business conditions; and view your business’ performance anytime, anywhere.

Mobile connectivity and beautiful design
Access data, plans, and insights anytime, from anywhere, on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

A single source of the truth
See all your data, from your Infor or non-Infor systems in one place, regardless of the source.

Make the most out of every opportunity with Infor EPM

Our Infor EPM solutions help you meet your toughest business challenges:

Business Challenges

Build an insight-driven enterprise
Achieve a consistent, company-wide view of performance.

Access to industry-specific KPIs, reports, and dashboards that highlight challenges and opportunities.

Maintain growth and agility
Multiple companies or entities as a result of acquisitions. Global expansion that requires rapid integration of systems in diverse geographies.

Introduction of new products; entry into new markets.

Achieve compliance
Continuously changing regulations. High volume monitoring. Fraud and employee compliance with protocols.

Infor EPM delivers

Build an insight-driven enterprise

Single version of the truth-enterprise data platform, visibility into business performance.

User productivity and satisfaction - role based content; cross-application workflows; insight-driven decisions and transactions.

Build an insight-driven enterprise

Rapid implementation - cloud-based deployment, controlled access available for partners of global entities.

Anytime, anywhere accessibility. Delivered via mobile devices; automatic delivery of relevant information.

Reduced risk

Continuous controls monitoring, regulatory reporting, risk scoring, segregation of duties.

Planning & Budgeting

Create deep plan hierarchies, compare plans to forecasts, and adjust plans on the fly. Task management, decision packages, workflow, and versioning capabilities bring a new level of discipline and flexibility to your budgeting processes.


Consolidate multiple sets of books quickly and seamlessly from each of your legal entities, process elimination entries, and generate a single set of financial statements.


Improve predictive modelling and operational planning, workforce budgeting, sales estimates, and corporate performance management with EPM software; built for planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Monitor against actual performance and consolidate your holdings for complete financial reporting.

"With Infor EPM, we have been able to define strict reporting standards, yet have also entirely tailored Kempinski’s reporting environment. This improves the user experience and drives efficiency."


Improve the user experience with modern tools

Infor EPM collects real-time data from source applications and translates it into business insights delivered through a fully integrated solution suite with a common user interface.
A single version of the truth comes from a software suitepre-built to take advantage of mobile technology and acollaborative cloud architecture.

Deep insight and visibility

Transform information into actionable insights and make data your competitive advantage. Experiencea real-time view of performance across your business to help you speed decisionmaking and unlock siloed data between your enterprise applications.

Intelligent financial performance management

By combining planning, budgeting, and forecasting in a single system, you get better predictive modeling and an agile platform for your operational planning, workforce budgeting, and sales estimates. Incorporate your strategic plans and monitor against your actual performance, as well as consolidate your holdings for complete financial reporting.

Workforce planning

Infor EPM can help you optimize your headcount to meet scheduling requirements so that you can account for gaps between planned and actual coverage. That way, you’ll always know how many people are needed based on information about the forecasted demand, as well as the length of time it takes to complete a task.

Cost allocation

Bring more discipline to cost management and identify cost objects regardless of what they
are—projects, products, departments, or activities. Distribute costs through multi-step, multi-level allocations as part of the overall planning process

Flexibility to grow – anywhere

Make your company more flexible and gain the upper hand on the global market

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