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SunSystems Webinars


TRG TALK VIRTUAL: SunSystems Webinars is a series of exclusive live events for our clients to uncover opportunities with Infor SunSystems.

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Mastering SunSystems is highly beneficial to your business in many ways: significant cost savings, greater efficiency, reduced errors, and strengthened compliance. Most accounting systems, however, are not yet up to the task.

In these webinars, you will learn how to get the most out of SunSystems’ latest features.

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TRG Talks are co-hosted with AiM, ITD World, BBGV, AMCHAM, CIMA, IPMA Vietnam and of course YOU, we are always open to collaborating with other organisations.

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TRG Talk speakers include TRG, our partners, our friends and of course YOU, we are always open to collaborating with great speakers, be it in person or in our virtual events.

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