TRG Talk: Talent

What is TRG Talk: Talent?

TRG Talk: Talent is a monthly community building meetup for anyone interested in Talent including: Recruitment, Retention, People development, Team Building, Self-confidence, interviewing skills, corporate culture, cross cultural skills, motivation, change management, employee branding and HR management.

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Why we host TRG Talk: Talent?

TRG Talent is an area of focus for TRG and thus it comes as no surprise that we wanted to also educate the community via. TRG Talk: Talent. In spite of all the excitement around Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation the key to the future will always be linked to real people.

TRG Talk: Talent events are held on the 4th Wednesday of the month, every month.

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TRG Talk speakers include TRG, our partners, our friends and of course YOU, we are always open to collaborating with great speakers.


Missed an event or want to know more about the contents of past events? Look no further. We have compiled a gallery list to help you catch up. Don’t forget to register for one of our upcoming TRG Talk!

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